What We Offer


Our business activities include:

Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Assembly, Installation, Commissioning and Post Commissioning Maintenance Services for

  • Vapour Recovery Systems for Truck and Rail loading facilities for petroleum and volatile chemical products based on Activated Carbon Bed Adsorption Technology.
  • Skid Mounted Liquid / Gas Metering and Regulating Systems,
  • Skid Mounted Dosing Systems for Additives, Dye and Marker Injection.
  • Hydrant Refueling System at Airports.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Erection of process and firefighting pipelines, equipments, Loading & Unloading Gantries, Pump House for POL Terminals, LPG Plant.

Laying of City Gas Distribution piping and Cross Country pipelines including Cathodic Protection System and Valve Chambers.

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for roads, railway tracks, canals & rivers for pipeline laying.

Installation of Auto LPG and CNG Stations.

Engineering, Fabrication and Supply of

  • All types of skid mounted liquid monitoring system (mass flow meter / PD meters / Turbine / Ultrasonic)
  • Filtration and Pressure Reducing Skids for natural gas.
  • Additive Panels for Dosing Systems.
  • Service regulator modules for CNG.
  • Auto LPG flange and skid assembly.
  • Pressure vessels, Petroleum Tanks, Knockout drums, Evacuation vessel and Foam tanks
  • Y type and Basket type strainers.


A. Engineering, Manufacture, Assembly and Supply of:

  • 4 Nos. of Skid mounted Vapour Recovery Unit (3 Nos. for IOCL and 1 No. for HPCL) based on state of the art activated carbon bed adsorption technology.
  • 1 no. 18’’ x 24’’, 65ton filtration and pressure reducing skids for natural gas of capacity 4 million SCMD for ESSAR through Chemtrols Industries Ltd. (CIL)
  • 1 No. Pressure reducing skid for Tata Power and 2 Nos. Pressure let down skid for GSPC Gas Co. Ltd. through Chemtrols Industries Ltd. (CIL)
  • 58 Nos. metering and regulating stations for Indraprastha Gas Ltd. through Chemtrols Industries Ltd. (CIL)
  • 1 Nos. of 26'' x 600'', 50ton MEG analyser system for RIL refinery, Jam-nagar through Chemtrols Industries Ltd. (CIL)
  • 14 Nos. of Skid mounted Metering and Regulating System for MNGL, Pune.
  • 10 Nos. of MRS & RPD meter Assembly for Sabarmati Gas Ltd. through Chemtrols Industries Ltd. (CIL)
  • 1 No. of Naptha& LPG Skids for ONGC – Hazira through Honeywell Automation ( I ) Pvt. Ltd.
  • 21 Nos. LPG Skids for Indraprastha Gas Ltd. through Emerson Process Management ( I ) Pvt. Ltd.-
  • 61 Nos. of Gas metering skids of varying capacity ranging from 600 to 6000 SCMH for IGL, Sabarmati Gas Ltd, GSPL and Tripura Natural Gas Ltd. etc. through CIL and Emerson Process Management ( I ) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Skid mounted dosing system for Additive, Blue dye and Marker for IOCL through CIL.
  • Evacuation Vessels, knockout drums, pressure vessels and Petroleum oil tanks of varying capacity for HPCL, IOCL and BPCL.
  • 1600 Nos. of 25 SCMH Service Regulator Modules for MGL.

B. Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Erection of

  • Process and fire fighting pipelines, mechanical equipment and associated civil / structural works for LPG plants of HPCL at 25 locations.
  • Process and firefighting pipelines and associated civil / structural works for POL terminals of IOCL, BPCL and HPCL at 50 locations.

C. Engineering, Fabrication and laying of

  • Over 200 km of city gas Distribution pipelines and Cross country pipelines of sizes 4’’ to 42’’ including cathodic protection and HDD at various locations for GAIL, MGL, MNGL, IGL, BGL, GNGPL & BPCL.