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Vapour Recovery System

M P Engineering Constructions(I) Pvt. Ltd. (MPEC) in collaboration with CarboVac Environmental Services (CES), France, designd and supplies Vapour Recovery System (VRS) for truck, rail and marine loading facilities for petroleum and volatile chemical products in India.
The vapor recovery process is based on activated carbon bed adsorption and regeneration of carbon by means of vaccum.
The Vapour Recovery Systems based on CES’s technology are considered to be the best available technology in the market by many of the world’s leading oil and liquid storage companies. There are more than 60 Nos. of VRS supplied by CES worldwide which are operating very successfully. In India MPEC, under exclusive collaboration arrangement with CES , has already engineered, fabricated, assembled, pretested at MPEC’s factory and supplied skid mounted VRS for Oil Terminals of IOCL and HPCL, and the same have been working satisfactorily.


→ Simplicity and flexibility of the process:
The vapour recovery process of CES consists of very simple 3 steps technology:

  • Adsorption of hydrocarbon on activated carbon bed.
  • Regeneration of carbon bed by means of vacuum.
  • Re-absorption of hydrocarbon into liquid product.

Normally two adsorbers, a simple dry vacuum system, an absorber and two absorbent circulation pumps thus makeup a complete operational system of vapour recovery.

The standard system can be used for wide range of chemical and petroleum products with highly variable compositions, concentrations and flow rate

→ Safety:

  • The VRS is the safest available on the market with zero accident reported till date caused by or related to its process of adsorption on activated carbon bed and vacuum regeneration.
  • The system operates at near atmospheric pressure (and vacuum) and near ambient temperature.
  • The system complies with European ATEX guidelines and Indian CCOE stipulations.

→ Natural Emission Level:

  • Vacuum pumps used in the systems are totally dry and cause no pollution of recovered products eliminating all corrosion and abrasion problems related to wet system.
  • Due to unique process control software, the standard hydrocarbon emission level of the unit for gasoline service is less than 5g/m3.
  • Dry screw vacuum pump system can operate at various vacuum levels, which makes the system suitable for many products and any emission requirement.

→ Energy Consumption:

  • The energy consumption can be as low as 0.08kWh per m3 vapour treated depending on inlet concentration and emission level requirement.
  • The vacuum pumps are frequency controlled and can be adapted to all variable inlet conditions and any emission requirement.

→ Service Life Expectancy:

  • The units are designed for a minimum service life of 20 years including the lifetime of the activated carbon under normal operating conditions.
  • The system requires minimum operational attention.

→ Post Commissioning Maintenance Services:
The skid mounted VRS of CES’s basic design is fabricated by MPEC at their works in India, assembled along with minimum proprietary imported supplies received from CES, pretested at MPEC’s works before delivery and installed at site by MPEC. Due to total involvement of MPEC’s engineers and specialists during engineering, fabrication, assembly, testing and installation, the annual maintenance services are provided by MPEC’s engineers instantly as per requirement of operation without involving costly maintenance expert services from abroad.